Beacon House

is a non-profit Interfaith Society sponsored by the Bedford-Sackville Association of Churches. Beacon House endeavors to provide four things to low and fixed income people: Food, Clothing, Furniture, and Counselling. Beacon House was established in 1985 as a response to these needs.

To support them in their endeavour, First Sackville collects food items on behalf of Beacon House.  It also provides volunteers to staff the Beacon House store on a rotating basis, usually every few months on a Saturday. Activities include sorting and placing items on racks, helping customers find things, and keeping the store in good order. Contact Susan Moriarty for details.  Volunteers are also needed for the Food Bank.  Visit the Beacon House website for details and application forms.

Top Ten Items Needed : Canned fish/meat, Fruit cups, Cookies, Kraft Dinner, Boost, Crackers, Pudding, Granola Bars, Juice boxes, Juice, Pasta sauce.  School supplies also needed.

The next day for us to volunteer is: Saturday, June 23, from 9 am to 1 pm. About 10 volunteers needed. Arrive by 8:45.  Call Susan Moriarty at 865-0155.